Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Hey had a heart attack!

Yes, it can happen to anyone. I had no idea that my coronary arteries wer filling with colestoral. Then Iexperienced a pain across my upper chest, a pain down my right arm and my throat and a sore lower jaw. After a quick search at e a.m. I found that those are classic symptoms of a heart attack.

My daugter, good doul that she is, got up and had me in the General Hospital by 5 a.m.. A quick introvenous drip with nitro and the symtoms disappeared. I was transported to the Unversity of Ottawa Heart Institute, fed a radio active tracer and was told I had three 95 percent blockages and a 70 percent blockage. In two procedures The surgeons ballooned the blockages and inserted "stents" to hold the blocked areas open. Its now seven weeks later and feel fine, the diet suggested isn't all i'd like but it is edible. I have an exercise routine, tread mill, and report the results online.

Thanks to the Reatr institute. They, at all levels, were very professional - I felt as though I had been pampered by their whole staff.